Image Fusion Angio

Navigation Buttons

Basic Navigation Buttons



Alerts: Displays available alerts related to the data.

Data: Opens the Data menu and displays the list of fusion pairs and the data selection page.

Home: Displays the main screen of Content Manager.

Back: Returns to the previous step.

You are prompted to save or discard the current fusion results.

Done: Confirms the fusion status and continues to the next step.

Results are saved for further processing.

Viewing Functions



Pan: Pans the complete view.

Scroll: Scroll inside the 2D DSA.

Zoom: Zoom in or out

  • Drag down/right to zoom in
  • Drag up/left to zoom out

Windowing: Adjust the brightness and contrast.

  • Drag down/up to increase/decrease the brightness
  • Drag right/left to increase/decrease the contrast level

Toggle the arrow buttons to cycle through all fusion pairs.

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Utstedelsesdato: 2019-11-27