Automatic Registration iMRI

Različica programske opreme: 1.0
Revizija: 1.0

Navigation and Viewing Functions

Basic Navigation Functions


Displays a list of alerts if the software detects any issues requiring your attention.

Displays the available image sets and layouts.

Returns you to Content Manager where you can select a new application or exit completely.

Takes a screenshot of the current view. The screenshot is automatically saved with the patient data.

Viewing Functions


Move a slice within a window

Drag the slice to the desired location.

Rotate the 3D reconstruction.Drag left, right, up or down.

Zoom in or out of a slice

  • Drag up (zoom out) or down (zoom in).
  • When using a touchscreen, press two fingers on the image and pinch inward (zoom out) or outward (zoom in).

Resets all slices to the original viewing settings.

Adjust the brightness and contrast of a slice

  • Drag down/up to increase/decrease the brightness.
  • Drag right/left to increase/decrease the contrast level.

Zoom in or out of a slice

Press the and symbols or drag the slider:

  • Left to zoom out
  • Right to zoom in
Art-No. 60917-80EN

Datum izdaje: 2019-11-25