Cranial IGS System Ultrasound Navigation


Compatibility with Medical Devices and Software

Compatible Ultrasound Devices and Probes

In order to use Ultrasound Navigation, a Brainlab navigation system and a BK Medical Ultrasound System are required. A probe is required to use ultrasound for navigation. In total, three different probes can be integrated with each BK Medical System:

Ultrasound DeviceCompatible Probe
BK5000N13C5 Craniotomy
N11C5s Burr-Hole
X18L5s Hockey Stick
Flex Focus 800BK 8862 Craniotomy
BK 8863 Burr-Hole

Non-Brainlab Devices


Compatible Brainlab Medical Instruments

  • Standard Cranial Reference Array (3 and 4 Marker Spheres)
  • DrapeLink Reference Array Cranial
  • Skull Reference Array (3 Marker Spheres)
  • Reference Unit for Headband (3 Marker Spheres)
  • Pointer Cranial/ENT with Blunt Tip
  • Ultrasound Registration Phantom
  • Ultrasound Integration Adapter Array
  • Ultrasound Integration Adapter Base(s)

Other Brainlab Instruments

Additional instrumentation may become available after release of this user guide. Contact Brainlab support if you have any questions regarding compatibility.


Other Compatible Medical Instruments

  • Disposable Reflective Marker Spheres

Instrument Assembly

If any instrumentation is used with this product, ensure that all instruments are correctly assembled according to the instructions within the corresponding Instrument User Guide.

Compatible Brainlab Medical Software

Only Brainlab medical software specified by Brainlab may be installed and used with the system. Contact Brainlab support for clarification regarding compatibility with Brainlab medical software.

Non-Brainlab Software


Microsoft Security Updates for Windows and Driver Updates

Brainlab allows the installation of security patches only. Do not install service packs and optional updates. Verify your settings to ensure updates are downloaded and installed correctly and at a suitable time. Do not update drivers on Brainlab platforms.

See the Brainlab website for more information about settings and a list of Microsoft Security Updates blocked by Brainlab support.


Password: WindowsUpdates!89

Virus Scanning and Malware

Brainlab recommends protecting the system with state-of-the-art anti-virus software.

Be aware that some malware protection software (e.g., virus scanner) and OS encryption settings can negatively affect system performance. For example, if real-time scans are performed and each file access is monitored, then loading and saving patient data may be slow. Brainlab recommends disabling real-time scans and performing virus scans during non-clinical hours.

Contact Brainlab support for further information regarding any of these issues.


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Дата создания: 2021-01-11