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Modifying Objects with Contouring


An object’s shape can be modified using any of the available contouring features.

Reviewing Objects

The sensitivity of the tools depend on various factors (e.g., the zoom factor). Therefore, if an object is meant to be used in subsequent treatment steps, always carefully review that the object has been modified correctly and is suitable for its future intended use.

Available Contouring Features




Smart Shaper

Modifies the object’s shape in a 3D local neighborhood.

Brush 3D

Outlines area of interest (with geometric 3D interpolation).

Removes outlined area from the object (with geometric 3D interpolation).

Brush 2D

Outlines area of interest pixel by pixel.

Allows the user to correct structures without any interpolation.

Removes outlined area from the object.

Using Brush 3D

Smart Shaper uses multi-modal information for outlining, while Brush 3D uses geometric 3D interpolation to create a 3D object. This 3D interpolation can be seen in the graphic and is described below:

(A) If you…

(B) The software…

Outline in parallel slices

creates a 3D interpolated object

Outline in perpendicular slices

creates a 3D interpolated object

Use locally restricted 3D interpolation

smoothly adds the marked area to a 3D object

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Publicēšanas datums: 2018-05-07