Intraoperative Structure Update

Programmatūras versija: 1.0
Pārskatījums: 1.1

Viewing Objects

How to View Object Information


Click the folder icon to display the SELECTED DATA view.

Auto Selection of Objects within Tumor Workflow

To ensure acquisition starts immediately, Intraoperative Structure Update by default, chooses objects with an object type of either:

  • Tumor or;

  • Unknown

If the object type is Unknown, the software automatically prompts you to save it as Tumor in order to continue after pressing Done.

Example View

View your resection object and/or other existing objects in the SELECTED DATA view.

Object information
Resection object

Toggle switch for selecting/deselecting individual objects

Current image set

Object selection list

Toggle switch for selecting/deselecting all objects
Indicates currently selected resection object

Toggle layout view on/off

Article No. 60917-52EN

Publicēšanas datums: 2018-01-18