Cranial Navigation System Registration

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Reference Array Setup

Reference Array

Position the reference array so it remains visible for the entirety of the procedure. Consider where any devices may block the line of vision from the reference array. It is helpful to have the camera standing on the same side as where the reference array is attached.

For more accurate navigation, position the reference array as close to the region of interest as possible without interfering with the required surgical space.

Ensure the reference array is firmly attached to the clamp. When using Reference Clamp Universal, ensure it is firmly fixed to the headrest.


Marker Sphere Visibility

Before beginning registration, verify that:

  • The reflective marker spheres are securely attached
  • The reference array is not bent, especially the pins
  • The marker spheres are clean, dry and undamaged
  • The marker spheres are not covered by drapes, except for drapes specifically designed by Brainlab for draping reference arrays
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Publicēšanas datums: 2018-09-05