Cranial Navigation System Registration

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Reading User Guides

This guide describes complex medical software or medical devices that must be used with care.

It is therefore important that all users of the system, instrument or software:

  • Read this guide carefully before handling the equipment
  • Have access to this guide at all times

Available User Guides

User Guide Contents

Software User Guide

  • Overview of treatment planning and image-guided navigation
  • Description of OR system setup
  • Detailed software instructions

Hardware User Guide

Detailed information on radiotherapy and surgical hardware, typically defined as large complex instruments

Instrument User Guide

Detailed instructions on instrument handling

Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization Guide

Details on cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing instruments

System User Guide

Comprehensive information on system setup

Technical User Guide

Detailed technical information about the system, including specifications and compliances

System and Technical User Guide Combination of system setup and technical information
Scan Protocol Detailed scanning requirements and procedures
Quick Reference Guide Condensed information on how to use a certain hardware and/or software
Art-No. 60917-77EN

Publicēšanas datums: 2018-09-05