Cranial Navigation System Registration

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Surface Match Introduction


Surface Match is the default registration method (if available) when opening the Registration workflow. With Surface Match registration, you scan the surface of the patient’s head using the Z-touch or Softouch pointer.

The software uses a surface matching algorithm to match the patient’s anatomy to the preoperative CT/MR images. Only acquire anatomical surface points on the patient in areas included in the CT/MR image sets. Otherwise, the surface matching algorithm will not work. Do not acquire points in areas that are not rigid (e.g., chin area) as their position may have shifted from since the CT/MR scan.

Advantages of Surface Match over Landmark Registration

  • Skin shift is reduced (when using Z-touch or Softouch)
  • CT/MR markers are not required

Registration Methods

Method Explanation
Z-touch Z-touch emits an infrared laser beam that is detected by the camera. Acquire points by scanning the patient’s head.
Softouch Softouch is an electronic pointer with a skin detection sensor. An infrared signal emitted from Softouch triggers the camera to register the point the moment the pointer touches the skin.
Combining Z-touch and Softouch You can use a combination of Z-touch and Softouch for point acquisition. This is useful if characteristic surface match points are not accessible with Z-touch (e.g., required areas are covered by hair or locations where the infrared laser point cannot be detected by the camera).

Verifying the 3D Reconstruction

Before beginning registration, examine the surface of the 3D reconstruction and determine whether it is suitable for Surface Match registration. Ensure that:

  • The surface of the face is clearly visible
  • The skin surface is smooth without breaks or major artifacts
  • The 3D reconstruction resembles your patient
  • Any tubes, tape and other artifacts are identified that may change the appearance of the face after scanning
  • The skin threshold is correct

If you are not satisfied with the 3D reconstruction, choose from the following options:

  • Select Data and change to a different pre-loaded patient data set
  • Exit Registration and select a new patient data set
  • Acquire points in areas where the 3D surface visualization is correct
  • Adjust the threshold under Threshold
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Publicēšanas datums: 2018-09-05