Cranial Navigation System Registration

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Surface Match Registration with Softouch

Guidelines for Point Acquisition

  • To avoid skin shift, lightly touch the Softouch tip to the patient’s skin with minimum force during point acquisition.
  • Move Softouch slowly when acquiring points to ensure accurate point acquisition.

  • To ensure optimum accuracy, acquire points on both sides of the patient’s face, near the ROI and at the back of the head.
  • All (bony) structures with a surface that does not typically change during anesthesia are appropriate for point acquisition.
  • Do not use Softouch on soft tissue or areas that may shift position compared to the CT/MR scan (e.g., loose skin, chin) because it may affect registration accuracy.
  • Avoid areas that have shifted due to artifacts (e.g., tubes or tapes).

Before Use


How to Turn on Softouch

Switch on Softouch by pressing the Standby switch for less than one second.

The status LED illuminates in a series of two long bright green flashes and then stays a continuous light green, letting you know it is in Standby mode.

Art-No. 60917-77EN

Publicēšanas datums: 2018-09-05