How to Prepare a Collaborative Viewing Setup

To view data collaboratively, use an identical reference position for each Magic Leap device. Select a location (e.g., an open space that is accessible on all sides). This is where 3D images will build up in 3D space.



Place the printed positioning marker in a location suitable for multiple viewers (e.g., in the middle of a table or on the floor) or agree on a suitable reference object (e.g., a pen).


Connect your device and the software.

After connecting, you see the following message through the glasses: “Use trigger to position.”


Users have two options:

  1. Look at the positioning marker from a short distance. When the positioning marker is recognized by your Magic Leap device, the virtual and printed arrows will align automatically.

  2. Manually position and align the arrows using the trigger. If all users choose this option, an arbitrary reference object can be used if the positioning marker is unavailable.


Repeat with each user.

Do not move the marker.

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Data di emissione: 2020-05-08