Dose Review

How to Modify the Clinical Protocol Templates



To access a set of default templates, either:

  • Start the Clinical Protocol Editor on your desktop (if the Elements are installed on your workstation) or select the Clinical Protocol Editor from your Origin Server interface (if the Elements are installed on a remote server) or
  • Browse to %BRAINLAB_SHARED%\RT\ClinicalProtocols with Windows Explorer and double-click on the file.


To create a clinical protocol for clinical use, double-click on a Dose Option file from the Examples folder (e.g., \%BRAINLAB\SHARED\RT\ClinicalProtocols\DoseReview\Examples_2.0).


Double-click on a parameter to edit a value. A pop-up window opens .

Read the description for helpful editing information.


Configure the variables that are explained in the following tables.


Select Save.

Use the browse functionality and store the file to the corresponding Element version folder (e.g., “\ClinicalProtocols\<Element>\<version>\”).


Once the example templates from the Examples folder are no longer needed, they may be deleted from the file system. To do so, browse to %BRAINLAB_SHARED%\RT\ClinicalProtocols with Windows Explorer and delete the corresponding files or the entire Examples folder.

The examples are then no longer available in the dose display selection within the Element.

Art-No. 60919-35EN

Datum izdavanja: 2019-05-21