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Compatibility with Medical Devices and Software

Other Non-Brainlab Devices


Compatible Brainlab Medical Software

Only Brainlab medical software specified by Brainlab may be installed and used with the system. Contact Brainlab support for clarification regarding compatibility with Brainlab medical software.

Other Non-Brainlab Software

Brainlab recommends to only utilize systems that exchange registrations as recommended by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise – Radiation Oncology (IHE-RO) ( profile on Multimodality Registration for Radiation Oncology. The definitions provided in this document have been defined by a group of clinicians and vendors and address clinical workflows and related security considerations.


Virus Scanning and Malware

Brainlab recommends protecting the system with state-of-the-art anti-virus software.

Be aware that some malware protection software (e.g., virus scanner) settings can negatively affect system performance. For example, if real-time scans are performed and each file access is monitored, then loading and saving patient data may be slow. Brainlab recommends disabling real-time scans and performing virus scans during non-clinical hours.


Contact Brainlab support for further information regarding any of these issues.

Microsoft Security Updates for Windows and Driver Updates

Brainlab allows the installation of security patches only. Do not install service packs and optional updates. Verify your settings to ensure updates are downloaded and installed correctly and at a suitable time. Do not update drivers on Brainlab platforms.

See the Brainlab website for more information about settings and a list of Microsoft Security Updates blocked by Brainlab support.


Password: WindowsUpdates!89

Remote Help

If requested, the workstation can be equipped with remote access to Brainlab support via iHelp® (Axeda).

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