Cirq System

About the Hardware

Medineering Positioning Arm

For further information on the following topics for the Medineering Positioning Arm, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use:

  • Arm specifications
  • Cleaning and disinfection instructions
  • Disposal instructions

Recurrent Maintenance

The Medineering Positioning Arm may require the user to carry out maintenance and recurrent testing. For further information, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Cirq Accessories

The Cirq Instrument Holder Module, Cirq Instrument Holder for Spinal Drilling and the relevant surgical instruments are accessories of Cirq.

Surgical instruments are considered as applied parts according to IEC 60601-1:25+A1:2012.

Art-No. 60919-85EN

Datum izdanja: 2019-12-12