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System Components

General Operation

Buzz is a platform for the integration of devices and for the distribution of video signals and multimedia content. It is intended to be used for communication between compatible Brainlab devices. It provides centralized access for managing video data, medical images and patient data.

Buzz can be used in professional healthcare facility environment for various surgical procedures involving video processing, image recording, patient data viewing and software application control. It is suitable for continuous use during surgical procedures.

Frequently Used Functions

The following are defined as the most frequently used Buzz hardware functions:

  • Switching the device on/off
  • Interacting with Brainlab software via the touch display
  • Transferring patient data via storage media (USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD) or via network
  • Connecting/disconnecting video sources
  • Cleaning the device

Buzz 2.0 Components

Buzz 2.0 (article number 15800) comprises the following components:

ComponentArticle Number
Digital OR Computer For Barco Integration15410
Touch Display On-Wall (optional)15866
Additional Touch Display On-Wall (optional)15867
Touch Display In-Wall (optional)15868
Additional Touch Display In-Wall (optional)15869


The system comes in two variants:

  • Buzz On-Wall
  • Buzz In-Wall

Buzz On-Wall

Buzz On-Wall can be mounted with all components attached to each other in a central location. The computer can be mounted up to 2.5 m away from the touch display when connected using copper cables.

When optical transfer lines are used to connect computer and touch display, the distance can be up to 100 m. In this case the computer may be located in a control room rack, for example.



User panel (behind cover)

Computer (including cover)

Touch display

Feature panel

Buzz In-Wall

Buzz In-Wall comprises a touch display integrated in the wall. Additional components are separate and may be located in a control room rack, for example.




Touch display

Feature panel

When using the Buzz In-Wall setup (only), you can use the Digital OR Computer For Barco Integration . It must always be placed in a non-medical, technical room outside the OR/patient environment.

All connections between the computer and Buzz 2 components in the operating room are galvanically separated.

Buzz In-Wall or On-Wall with Additional Touch Display

The Buzz In-Wall or Buzz On-Wall can optionally be installed with up to four touch displays (main touch display and up to three additional touch displays).



Additional touch display


Unless otherwise specified, all variations of the system are referred to as Buzz in this user guide.

Art-No. 60920-19EN

Datum izdanja: 2020-05-18