Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis


When Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis starts, it analyzes the data set you have chosen and calculates the outcomes of three potential radiotherapy plans. The calculation follows these steps:



Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis adds a surface contour to the data set.


It analyzes the contents of the surface contour as an equivalent volume of water.

Using the outer contour, a water model is generated for dose calculation based on a Pencil Beam Algorithm using a homogeneous water equivalent electron density.


It calculates the effects on this volume for the three template treatment plans:

  • cf-SRT: Conventional fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy.

  • hf-SRS: Hypo-fractionated stereotactic radiosurgery.

  • sf-SRS: Single fraction stereotactic radiosurgery.


The potential effects of the three calculated treatment plans are shown for the selected tumor and each OAR in the data set.

For more information, see the Physics Administration Software User Guide.

Article No. 60919-43EN

Datum izdavanja: 2019-03-22