Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis

Tumor DVH

Prescriptions and objectives are shown as points on the DVH. To see more information, hover over the point with your mouse. The maximum and minimum dose and the conformity index are displayed.

Pop-up Information

No. Component Description

Prescription (triangle)
  • Constraint: Set to 99.0%; the tumor shall receive 54.0 Gy
  • Dose: 54.23 Gy (actual dose)
  • Volume: 99.1% (actual volume, receiving 54.23 Gy)
  • CI: The Inverse Paddick Conformity Index is used here
  • Max. Dose Relation: Ratio of Prescription/Maximum Dose (e.g., 54 Gy / 60.48 Gy = 0.893 → 89.3%)

Objective (blue circle) The goal for desired conformity of dose distribution for the PTV.

The DVH view displays DVH Constraint Violated if the prescription is not met.

Article No. 60919-43EN

Datum izdavanja: 2019-03-22