Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis


Language Information

All Brainlab user guides are originally drafted in English.

Intended Audience

Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis is aimed at medical professionals (physicians, their staff, nurses, etc.) with sufficient understanding of the English technical vocabulary related to the fields of medical physics and medical imaging so as to enable appropriate understanding of the Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Analysis user interface.


All numbers in the documents are given in metric units. If no unit is given, the unit is millimeters.

Reading User Guides

This guide describes complex medical software or medical devices that must be used with care.

It is therefore important that all users of the system, instrument or software:

  • Read this guide carefully before handling the equipment
  • Have access to this guide at all times

Available User Guides

User Guide


Software User Guides

Detailed software instructions

Physics Administration Software User Guide

Details on how to administer measured beam data and machine profiles

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