Brainlab Elements Image Fusion


Basic Viewing Options

Select a viewing button, click and hold the mouse on the slice or press with a finger when using a touchscreen monitor, and follow the description below.




Move a slice within a window

Drag the slice to the desired location.

Scroll through all slices within a window

Drag up or down to view all slices.

Zoom in or out of a slice

  • Drag up (zoom out) or down (zoom in).
  • When using a touchscreen, press two fingers on the image and pinch inward (zoom out) or outward (zoom in).

Adjust the brightness and contrast of a slice

  • Drag down/up to increase/decrease the brightness.
  • Drag right/left to increase/decrease the contrast level.

Article No. 60917-73EN

Fecha de publicación: 2018-09-21