Getting Started

General Information

Viewer has multiple uses. For example:

  • View medical images and Brainlab treatment plans
  • Compare image sets from multiple studies
  • Perform windowing and measurement functions

Opening Viewer

Local installation: open Viewer through Content Manager, within Patient Data Manager. This enables you to access patient files and use Brainlab software.

Web browser: open Viewer through Origin Server, which enables you to access patient files and use Brainlab software.

Using the Patient Selection software, select the patient and desired data for viewing.

Refer to the Software User Guide for Patient Data Manager, Origin Server, and Patient Selection for more information.

Screen Layout

The screen layout displays data side by side, allowing the user to compare data.




Main menu

Menu of available functions.

Selected view

The image series name and icons are highlighted on the selected view.

Main Buttons

Press the relevant button to enable the function.



Home: Returns you to your start page. All changes (e.g., selected image set, windowing, trajectories, measurements, cropped boxes, 3D thresholds) are automatically made available for other applications.

Data: Opens the menu for hiding/showing data.

Patient name and ID: Select to return to patient selection to make changes to the selected patient or data.

View: Image viewing options.

Measure: Image measurement options (angles, distances, etc.) and annotations.

3D Options: Create 3D visualizations, crop image and select a region of interest.

Comparison: show comparison of Brainlab objects when present in the image set.

Done: Proceed and save changes.

Back: Prompts you to save changes before returning to the previous screen.

  • Select Save to make data available for other applications.

  • Select Discard to discard data.

  • Select Cancel to remain on the Viewer page.

Article No. 60917-71EN