Spine SRS

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How to Measure Dose at a Point



Select Point under the Measure menu.


To measure the dose at a single point within an image, select a target position within the image. A point is displayed with information about the image:

  • Point Dose: The dose calculated at a specific point, regardless of the precalculated dose grid.

  • 3D Volume Dose: The dose at a specific point that is calculated using a precalculated dose grid and interpolation from the surrounding points in the grid. Due to this interpolation, the actual dose value at this point might be slightly higher than the Point Dose. Therefore, the 3D Volume Dose is faster to calculate, but not as accurate as the Point Dose. The dose wash display is also interpolated from the precalculated dose grid.


To move a point, hover over it with the mouse pointer and drag it to its new position with the left mouse button.


To remove a single point, right-click on the point. To remove all points, select Point under Measure to deselect the function.

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22