Spine SRS

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Monte Carlo Workflow

A typical workflow is described below.



Select a Protocol and Setup.


Select Calculate to run the first VMAT optimization. The software uses Pencil Beam during this optimization.


If you are not satisfied with the resulting treatment plan, modify some of the sliders (e.g., Normal Tissue Sparing) and then select Continue to resume the optimization. Repeat this step as often as required to achieve a good treatment plan.

At this point, you have a treatment plan you like; however, you are using the Pencil Beam dose algorithm for the dose display and VMAT optimization.


Toggle the switch to Monte Carlo to start using a Monte Carlo calculation for the dose display.


Evaluate the treatment plan by reviewing the dose distribution in Monte Carlo mode. Often, the Monte Carlo dose distribution is similar to the Pencil Beam dose distribution or at least still satisfies all your constraints and requirements regarding the treatment plan.

  • If you are satisfied with the treatment plan, proceed with the existing treatment plan

  • If you are not satisfied with the treatment plan, select Continue to perform more iterations with Monte Carlo for the forward dose calculations of the VMAT optimization. This may take some time (~ 15 min). The resulting treatment plan is displayed in Monte Carlo.

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22