Spine SRS

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How to Shape Isodose Lines to Spare OARs



Select Dose Shaper .


Shape an isodose line by dragging the line with the mouse.

When you hover over the isodose lines, a yellow dose cloud appears . The yellow arrows indicate in which direction the current isodose line can be dragged.


The isodose line that is currently being moved is highlighted in orange in the dose legend .


The dashed line indicates the modified isodose line.


Select Revert to undo all dose shaping since the last optimization. To revert all dose shaping independent of the optimization, double-click on the highlighted isodose in the legend.


Select Continue .

The algorithm tries to achieve actual doses (solid lines) that render the shaped dose (dashed line) as best as possible given all other constraints.

The shaped isodose is displayed to indicate how well the actual dose approximates the shaped dose.


Repeat as often as necessary for a single isodose line.

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22