Spine SRS

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Clinical Protocol Editor Functions

Protocol Editor Icons


Value has not been modified.

Value has been modified.

The value is read only (cannot be edited).

The value is invalid.

View more options.

Add entry (if applicable).

Delete entry (if applicable).

Open a new clinical protocol or reload the current file.

As soon as you make changes, the save icon changes from gray to colored . You can change the file name to create a new template.

There is no limit to the number of clinical protocol templates that can be created.

Close the current clinical protocol file.

Change the viewing mode for the current clinical protocol file. You will need to save the current clinical protocol template and provide a password to change between the default and other modes.

Import values from an older clinical protocol into the current open protocol and overwrite the current values.

Select to view a history of the changes to the current clinical protocol template.

Expands all selected items simultaneously.

Exit Clinical Protocol Editor.

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22