Spine SRS

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How to Save a Treatment Plan



Select Next to proceed to the save and export page.


Review the plan content on the initial preview PDF.


Enter plan details for the final PDF that clearly differentiate between treatment plans:

  • Plan Name: Enter a unique and meaningful name.

  • Plan Intent: For example, curative or palliative. The available plan intents and the default plan intent can be configured during installation if required.

  • Plan Content: Automatically generated from the plan calculation information.

  • Plan Description: Enter a description if required.

  • Save as Approved Plan (optional): Enter your Windows user name and password. Select the check mark again to remove the approved status.
  • Domain: If more than one domain is available, choose from the drop-down list.


If you selected a treatment plan together with the patient data set, you are asked if you want to replace the selected plan with the updated plan:

  • Select Yes to replace (and thereby update) the plan.

  • Select No to return to the plan details to save the plan with a new name.


Select Save.

This plan is now available for selection together with the patient data set. If the plan was approved, a check mark is displayed beside the plan name.


Select from the list of PDF options.

The software creates a separate PDF for each option. The Treatment Parameters PDF is mandatory and cannot be deselected.


Review errors and warnings in the PDF.


Select Save PDF or Print PDF to proceed.


Select a file location where the PDFs listed are to be saved or select the printer for the print PDF.


Review the treatment plan parameters in the PDF printout. If the results are satisfactory, proceed to the next step. If you do not want to export, select Back to return to the software.


Open the Export Options menu.

You must enter the R&V Plan ID and select an Export Target to export.


If you did not previously approve the plan, a dialog asks if you want to cancel the export and go back and approve the plan:

  • Select Yes to go back and approve
  • Select No to proceed with the export


Select Export.

If you do not wish to export the plan, select Back.


Select Exit.

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22