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How to Outline Objects Using Smart Brush

As Smart Brush recognizes contrast differences, you can outline objects more effectively by starting at the lesion center and moving the Brush toward the border.



Center and zoom to the ROI using the Zoom, Scroll and Pan functions.


Select Brush from the Smart Brush menu.


Outline the shape of the structure in one reconstruction (e.g., the coronal view).

The outline follows the contours of the object.

The region that is outlined is determined by the gray values and the contrast of the image.


Outline the shape of the structure in another reconstruction (e.g., the sagittal view).


Interpolation is used to automatically create a 3D object .

The software segments all connected pixels with similar gray values within the defined area. If you outline a larger area, the potential gray value scale increases.

Art-No. 60919-79EN

Date of issue: 2019-12-05