Data Menu


SmartBrush automatically selects the most relevant data set and a default display.

To adjust the default layout, image set, and/or object list that is displayed, select Data to open the data menu.

Using the Data Menu


Select MORE to add additional content

A list of available image sets

Other available content (e.g., Objects, Auto-segmented Objects, Trajectories, or Points)

Viewing Image Properties

Under Images, all image sets are displayed as thumbnail images and show the following properties :

  • Image modality
  • Slice distance
  • Number of slices

The right side displays the image set name and the date and time of acquisition.

Viewing Object Properties

Select the arrow to open other content menus, such as Objects, Auto-segmented Objects, Trajectories, or Points.

You can view object properties or edit object characteristics at any time during the creation process via the Data menu.


Assign a color to an object.

Create a volumetric report.

Remove an object from the current selection.

Enable multi-modal object creation.

Create a new object.

Visibility Options

To show/hide a specific object, select the open/closed eye button within the object .

The open/closed eye buttons on the drop-down menu to turn the visibility of all objects on or off.

Article No. 60917-66EN

Date of publication: 2018-07-17