Object Management Object Manipulation



You can either use the toolbar image viewing buttons, or use the following keyboard and touchscreen shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts

FunctionDescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
ZoomZoom in and outCtrl + mouse wheel
PanMove a slice within a windowCtrl + left mouse button and drag
ScrollScroll through slicesMouse wheel
Center objectCenter current object in the middle of all viewsCtrl + single mouse click on object
Brush sizeChange the brush size when a brush is activeAlt + mouse wheel
EraseErase without selecting the Erase button, while the 2D or 3D brush is activeRight mouse button
Change layoutSwitch to next view layoutCtrl + Tab

Touchscreen Shortcuts

FunctionDescriptionTouchscreen Shortcut
ZoomZoom in and outPress two fingers on the slice image and pinch inward or outward
PanMove a slice within a windowPress with a finger on the slice image and drag to desired location
ScrollScroll through all slices within a windowPress with a finger on the first slice image and drag up or down

Article No. 60917-69EN

Date of publication: 2018-05-07