Creating Fiber Bundles


To create fiber bundles using ROI-based tracking, the Fibertracking algorithm tracks all fibers passing through the defined ROIs that fulfill the selected tracking parameters and includes them in the fiber bundle.

To create ROIs, you can either:

  • Manually outline objects with SmartBrush (e.g., tumor)
  • Use Anatomical Mapping to automatically segment certain structures, or
  • Use the ROI Brush
  • Select pre-defined ROI TRACKING TEMPLATES where structures are also automatically segmented

You can also create and use multiple ROIs simultaneously. For example, selecting a ROI in the motoric area and another one in the brainstem allows the white matter tracts (e.g., pyramidal tract) connecting these areas to be displayed.

Options for Creating Fiber bundles

There are different methods that can be utilized to create fiber bundles in Fibertracking:

Manually outlined ROIFibers are tracked with manually outlined regions of interest (ROI).
Existing 3D objects

Fibers can be tracked by using existing 3D objects as ROIs.

Template basedPre-defined ROI templates are available to be used for Fibertracking.
Interactive modeFibers are tracked and displayed interactively while navigating through the image data.

Interactive tracking can be combined with one additional static ROI to see connecting fiber bundles.

Art-No. 60919-74EN

Date of issue: 2020-02-26