Data Layouts

In addition to axial, sagittal and coronal slice views, Fibertracking can display a Brain Projection and 3D view.

To change between views, select Data from the toolbar and choose from the options under Layouts.

The brain projection view is a 2D projection of the brain on a half-sphere like object, which unfolds cerebral structures to display gyri and sulci without sectioning. Such a view can only be calculated from high-resolution anatomical MR image data that was co-registered to the preprocessed DTI data. The high-resolution anatomical MR Image data must have been acquired in the same time cluster as the selected DTI Study. The time difference must not exceed 12 hours.

Brain Projection
  • Top: Brain projection view.

  • Bottom left: 3D view.

  • Bottom right: Choose between axial, coronal and sagittal views.


  • Top left: 3D view (choose between axial, coronal and sagittal views).

  • Top right: Axial view.

  • Bottom left: Sagittal view.

  • Bottom right: Coronal view.


  • 3D View
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Art-No. 60919-74EN

Date of issue: 2020-02-26