Template-based Fibertracking

ROI Templates

TRACKING TEMPLATES can only be used if the following conditions are met:

  • There is a matching high-resolution anatomical image set available.
  • The scan time difference between DTI and this high-resolution anatomical image set does not exceed a configurable time difference (default 12 hours).

If there is no matching anatomical image set fused to the currently selected DTI study that belongs to the same DTI time cluster, TRACKING TEMPLATES will not be enabled.

The image set that is selected as basis image set for segmentation of the ROI Templates objects is the same image set that is shown in the Brain Projection View. This image set has been chosen as the image set with the best resolution considering the time cluster of the currently selected DTI study.

The user is able to select a default template or create a customized template for tracking fiber bundles.

The following default TRACKING TEMPLATES are available:

  • Arcuate Fasciculus, Left
  • CST Motor, Left
  • CST Motor, Right
  • DRT, Left
  • DRT, Right
  • Full Brain
  • Hand Motor, Left
  • Hand Motor, Right
  • Tumor (only if available)
Art-No. 60919-74EN

Date of issue: 2020-02-26