Creating Fiber Bundles

Options for Creating Fiber bundles

There are two options to create fiber bundles in Fibertracking:

Option Description
ROI-based tracking Fibers are tracked through defined regions of interest (ROI).
Interactive tracking Fibers are tracked and displayed live while navigating through the image data (lower resolution).

Fibertracking Parameters

You can review and adjust the Fibertracking parameters (if required) in order to optimally track fibers in the image set. Depending on the imported DTI data, the default settings (shown in the image below) may need adjustment.



Minimum FA

The FA (fractional anisotropy) threshold is the minimum value of diffusion that will be considered for tracking fibers.

Slide the bar to change the minimum fractional anisotropy.

Lower values allow diffusion in many directions (isotropic) and higher values restrict diffusion along parallel directions (anisotropic).

Minimum Length

Slide the bar to set the restriction for minimum length of the fibers.

Maximum Angulation

Slide the bar to set the angle between two fiber segments und thus to influence the fiber bundle angulation. Higher values allow fiber bundles with greater curvature.

Selected Fiber Bundle

Information about the currently selected fiber bundle is shown in the overlay box. All changes (e.g., setting adjustments) and new ROIs are immediately applied to the currently selected fiber bundle.

Article No. 60917-64EN

Date of publication: 2018-04-15