ROI-Based Tracking


To create fiber bundles using ROI-based tracking, first define ROIs in the selected image set. An algorithm tracks all fibers passing through the defined ROIs that fulfill the selected tracking parameters and includes them in the fiber bundle.

You can create and use multiple regions of interest simultaneously. Selecting a ROI in the motoric area and another one in the brainstem, for example, allows the white matter tracts (e.g., pyramidal tract) connecting these areas to be displayed.

3D Objects

Create new 3D objects (e.g., tumor) in SmartBrush (refer to the Software User Guide) or use the ROI brush. Existing 3D objects are automatically added to the NOT IN USE area. To view 3D objects, click on the eye icon . To use the areas for the fiber bundle calculation, drag them to INCLUDE REGIONS.

Functions Area



Fiber Bundle

Use the arrows to toggle between the available fiber bundles.

Create New

Select this icon to create a new empty fiber bundle.


Select this icon to erase individual fibers in 2D or 3D.


Recalculates fibers with current settings.

ROI Brush

Select this icon to outline a new 2D region of interest by tracing an area in any of the views, including brain projection.

Article No. 60917-64EN

Date of publication: 2018-04-15