Automatic Registration

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Редакция: 1.0

Verify Registration Accuracy – Spine Minimally Invasive Procedure

If you are performing a minimally invasive procedure that restricts the verification of at least three landmarks, perform the following accuracy check:



Insert the instrument into the incision so that it is securely touching an anatomical landmark, reference array clamp or tooth.


Acquire fluoro images of the instrument on the bone:

  • Lateral fluoro image (cranial/caudal or posterior/anterior registration)
  • AP fluoro image (cranial/caudal or left/right registration)


Verify that the instrument position displayed on the screen corresponds to the position in the fluoro image.


After verification, two options are available. Select:

  • Yes if the registration is accurate, and to proceed to navigation.
  • No if the registration is inaccurate, and to clear the current registration. Select either:
    • New Scan: return to the registration software to acquire a new registration.
    • Discard & Exit: exit out of the software and return to Content Manager.

Art-No. 60920-14EN

Дата на издаване: 2020-04-29