Cranial IGS System Ultrasound Navigation


3D Ultrasound Data

About 3D Ultrasound

The software can acquire new interoperative 3D ultrasound data sets. It scans the volume of the patient’s head and reconstructs the live ultrasound images to a 3D data set and displays it superimposed on the preoperative MR data. The new data set can be used for navigation purposes.

  • To acquire 3D ultrasound, start a scan in scan mode.
  • Afterwards, you can compare the ultrasound to the original MR/CT data, or view the superimposed ultrasound over an MR/CT.

Tips for Acquiring 3D Ultrasound Data

For best results:

  • Clean up the cavity to eliminate blood, especially coagulated blood
  • Fill cavity with saline and wait to let bubbles settle
  • Move the probe in one long, slow, steady sweep (approximately 10 seconds)
  • Perform the scan by moving the probe in the one anatomical direction (e.g., sagittal) for best reconstruction quality
  • The tracking array should face the camera as much as possible
  • Do not move the probe over the same area twice

Accuracy of Acquired 3D Data

Art-No. 60920-63EN

Дата создания: 2021-01-11