Spine SRS



List of Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are available in the software. Some shortcuts are available only for specific software functions.

Open next layoutCtrl + Tab
Open previous layoutCtrl + Shift + Tab
Reset zoom and zoom centerCtrl + Home
Select previous objectCtrl + Up
Select next objectCtrl + Down
Toggle dose distribution displayCtrl + D
Toggle dose analysis displayCtrl + R
Select all objectsCtrl + A
Export the axial planeCtrl + Shift + A
Exports DVH data

Only available if:

  • Dose calculation is finished (not running)
  • A tab contains a DVH
Ctrl + Shift + D
Export the sagittal planeCtrl + Shift + S
Export the coronal planeCtrl + Shift + C
Export the dose line for the latest distance measurement

Only available if:

  • Show dose or show threshold is enabled
  • Dose calculation is finished (not running)
  • A dose distance measurement is active
Ctrl + Shift + L
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Utgivelsesdato: 2019-05-22