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Fusing Images

After selecting an image series, the software prompts you to fuse together (co-register) the image data.

Selecting Fusion automatically fuses together the 2D and 3D image series. The images are fused together based on anatomical structures common to both image series.


Pre-Fusion Manual Alignment

Aligning the images manually aids the fusion algorithm and improves results.

You can change the scale and rotate the 3D vessel layer about its axes, to better match the underlying 2D image data.

Illustrates image and vessel orientation.

Rotate the 3D vessel layer horizontally.

Rotate the 3D vessel layer on the X-Y axis.

Rotate the 3D vessel layer vertically.
Increase or decrease 3D image scale.
Play the angiogram.

Move slider to specific points within the angiogram.

How to Adjust the 3D Vessel Layer



Rotate or adjust the 3D vessel layer in relation to the underlying 2D image.


Once results are satisfactory, select Next to continue.

How to Create an Automatic Fusion



Select Fusion to start the fusion between the image series.


Verify fusion.


Select Next to continue.

Fusion Dialog

It is possible to skip the Fusion step without co-registering the image series data.

It is recommended to select Yes and proceed with an automatic fusion upon viewing the above dialog.

Fusion Functions


Fusion: Optimizes the manually adjusted fusion between the image series.

Select Undo Fusion to undo the automatic image fusion.

Reset and Undo Fusion share the same location on the toolbar.

When Undo Fusion is used after an automatic fusion, it returns the vessel to its manually adjusted pre-fusion state.

Reset returns the vessel back to its initial position, prior to manual adjustment.

Vessel Visible: Turns the vessel overlay on or off, to aid manual fusion adjustment. The default transparency of the vessel object is 50% so that the background image is also visible.

Vessel Complexity: increases or decreases the level of vessel complexity shown on the image overlay.

General Functions


Opens the main screen of Content Manager.

Opens data selection.

Confirms the results of your current step and advances to the next step.

Returns to previous step.

The results are not automatically saved.

How to Finalize Fusion


After fusion editing, select Next.

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