Smartbrush Angio

Selecting Data

How to Select a Patient



Choose a patient in Patient Browser.


Choose Select.

How to Select Images



Select the image series you would like to use ①.
The images appear under Selected Data ②.


Select OK.

Image Data Requirements

Smartbrush Angio requires image series data containing vascular details. Images such as CT or MRI are outlined automatically.

Data selection only loads image series data which is relevant for the angio procedure and omits all data that is not relevant.

Suitable data is:

  • 2D image series: Frontal and lateral angiographic projections are required for the registration/fusion with the 3D image series. The dynamic flow information is also used for visualization and comparison with the anatomical data.

  • 3D MRI or CT with contrast: Enhanced contrast is necessary in order to distinguish the vascular information.

  • Vessel objects: Vessel objects are automatically outlined based on the selected 3D modalities with contrast.

Vessel Segmentation

The selected and highlighted image series (marked by an orange border), triggers the priority for vessel segmentation.

When different imaging modalities are selected, the highlighted image series is used first for vessel segmentation. The segmentation progress and image series is displayed in the info area.

How to Define Image Orientation

For angio planning, a frontal and lateral images series is required. Usually the orientation information is shown in the DICOM header ①.

If the scanner does not save the orientation, you can manually:



Select the pen icon ④.


Select the image orientation from the available options ③.


Select OK.

How to Remove Images

Select the X ② to remove the image series from Selected Data.

How to Finalize Data Selection


After data selection, select Next.

Saving Changes

When navigating away from patient selection, you are prompted by the following dialog:



Saves created content and returns you to patient selection.


Deletes all created content and returns you to patient selection.
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