Smartbrush Angio


General Information

Smartbrush Angio is an application for outlining vascular structures and pathologies in medical images. It allows you to combine a 3D image series with an unlocalized 2D dynamic angiography in order to simultaneously review the image information.

Based on the imaging input, it is possible to outline vascular structures as 3D objects for further processing.

Smartbrush Angio Workflow



Select an image series.


Create Fusion.


Highlight the region of interest in the image using ROI.


Verify and, if necessary, correct the 3D vascular object using Brush/Smartbrush Angio.

Workflow Indicator

There is a visual workflow indicator for Smartbrush Angio, which displays where you are in the workflow.

Use the Back and Next buttons to navigate through the workflow.

Article No. 60914-69EN

Utgivelsesdato: 2014-05-29