Image Fusion Angio

Accepting Image Pairs


Image Fusion Angio analyzes the patient data you selected and suggests pairs of 2D images. This applies to all data from single plane scanners, or when images were further processed.

If bi-planar images are used, the application reads the pairing information from the images and this part is skipped.

Suggested pairs may be shown as:

  • Fused (e.g., a pair approved in a previous session)
  • Proposed (e.g., the software assumes these images belong together)
  • Paired, after approval
  • Unpaired (e.g., after discarding or when no proposal can be made)

You must manually approve each pair before starting fusion with the 3D image.

If an automatically suggested pair is not suitable, you can manually change the pairing.

Basis for Building Pairs

Image Fusion Angio proposes angiographic image pairs based on their acquisition time and angle.



  • Imaging modality (e.g., X-ray)
  • Image number (e.g., total number of frames/images)
  • Angle at which image was taken


  • Image name
  • Orientation (e.g., frontal)
  • Date and acquisition time

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Select the arrow to open the orientation menu.

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Utstedelsesdato: 2019-11-27