Cranial Navigation System Registration

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Surface Match Registration with Z-touch

Guidelines for Point Acquisition

When using Z-touch, make sure to only acquire points on the patient’s skin surface. Be careful not to acquire points on tape, intubation, etc.

During acquisition:

  • The infrared laser sensor and the laser point of Z-touch must be visible to the camera.
  • Keep other infrared sources out of the camera field of view.
  • To ensure optimum accuracy, acquire points on both sides of the patient’s face and nose, near the ROI and at the back of the head.
  • Do not use Z-touch on soft tissue or areas that may shift position compared to the CT/MR scan (e.g., loose skin, chin).
  • Avoid areas that have shifted due to artifacts (e.g., tubes or tapes).

How to Turn on Z-touch

There are two different Z-touch devices. Depending on the version, you can switch on the visible laser beam and activate the infrared laser in the following manner:

  • Press the gray activation button. The visible laser is activated immediately. Activate the infrared laser by pressing the second level of the laser beam switch and keeping it pressed. The visible laser remains active.
  • Continuously press the yellow activation button. The visible laser is displayed as a red point. The infrared laser beam is activated with a one-second delay to the visible laser when the activation button is pressed or when the infrared sensor detects the camera.

The green LED light indicates that the laser is active. If the green light and/or the red laser beam flashes, then Z-touch is not working properly. In this case, ensure that the Z-touch sensor is in the camera field of view.

Art-No. 60917-77EN

Publicēšanas datums: 2018-09-05