Automatic Registration iMRI

Programmatūras versija: 1.0
Pārskatījums: 1.0

Scan Preparation and Image Acquisition

Scan Considerations

Care must be taken to avoid collision of the components with the scanner during scanning.

  • Perform all scans according to the parameters given in the Scan Protocol.

  • Acquire T1 weighted image sets.

  • To avoid inaccuracies turn on 3D Distortion Correction and use the minimum bandwidth as stated in the Scan Protocol.

Patient Preparation

Follow the sterile draping instructions in the Cranial/ENT Optical Instrument User Guide.

Ensure that there is no relative movement between the patient’s head and reference array after registration (e.g., through the following):

  • Movement of the patient’s head in the head clamp
  • Movement of the reference array
  • Movement of the registration matrix
Art-No. 60917-80EN

Izdošanas datums: 2019-11-25