Patient Data Manager

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Selecting and Managing Patient Data

General Information

Patient Selection allows you to search for and select a patient, edit patient information, merge duplicates and delete patients.

Patient Selection opens after you log on to your system or after opening the desired workflow.

Search Options



Search field: Enter patient name or other identifying information.

Select the CD/USB check box to show only the data located on inserted CD/USB media.

Select the Worklist filter to show only patients included on the device worklist.

Select the Marked filter to show only the patients you marked in the current session.

Select Browse to select the folder containing DICOM data from your file system.


Wildcards can be used in the search field to retrieve a list of patients. For example:

Search String



All patients whose last name begins with “b”


All patients whose first name begins with “b”

Storage Location Icons

Icons in Patient Selection indicate where patient data is stored. If data is stored in more than one location, multiple icons are shown. If data is only stored on the local device, no icon is shown.


Data Storage Location

Custom storage location (e.g., Browse…)

Brainlab storage location (e.g., Brainlab DICOM Proxy, central Brainlab server)



Attached USB storage device

Inserted CD/DVD

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