Spine Planning


Home Button

Select Home to return to your start page. All changes are saved and Spine Planning remains running in the background. From the start page you can open other Brainlab applications (e.g., Spine & Trauma 3D Navigation).

Zoom and View Menu




Scroll up or down through all slices within a window.


  • Drag up/left (zoom out) or down/right (zoom in).
  • When using a touchscreen, press two fingers on the image and pinch inward (zoom out) or outward (zoom in).


Drag to move a slice within a window.


Adjust the brightness and contrast by swiping across the slice.

Data Menu


Open the Data menu to select patient data and planned items.

Select MORE to load additional patient data.

Select the Objects, Screws or Points tab to view previously planned objects, screws or points.

Use the eye icons to show/hide all objects, screws or points.

Use the eye icon to show/hide the selected object, screw or point.

Screw Properties


Edit screw Name as required.

Enter a Comment for that screw, as required.

Select the Color button, then select the color you wish to assign that screw.

Art-No. 60920-06EN

Fecha de elaboración: 2020-03-09