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Tool Tips and Navigating in 3D

In mixed reality, use the virtual pointer and the Magic Leap touchpad to navigate your 3D view.

Depending on where you aim the virtual pointer, different tool tips are displayed to the left of the 3D view.

Tool Tip OptionDescription

Move 3D view to another location.
Trigger + Swipe Up/Down

Rotate 3D view around horizontal axis.
Trigger + Swipe Left/Right

Rotate 3D view around vertical axis.
Swipe Up/Down

Zoom 3D view.
Swipe Left/Right

Only displayed when view is a Smart Approach view. This controls the slider in Viewer, and you can peel away layers of your 3D image in the Smart Approach view.

  • Press once to activate Probe’s Eye and associated Inline views.
  • Press again to move Inline views to the right of the 3D reconstruction.
  • Press a third time to close views.

Art-No. 60919-95EN

Date of issue: 2020-05-08