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Probe’s Eye View


Viewing direction (yellow line)

3D reconstruction of patient image set

Current focus plane

Probe’s Eye view

2D Inline view

2D Inline view

Probe’s Eye view and the two associated Inline views are available only in 3D mixed reality (i.e., they cannot be viewed on the display). Probe’s Eye view shows a reconstruction of the patient image set on the current focus plane and reflects the scan data along the yellow laser line , passing through the 3D view on the left.

To open Probe’s Eye view, aim the virtual pointer at the view at the same location and angle where you want to create the Probe’s Eye view. You can then view and scroll through image data in a 2D field relative to the viewing direction next to the 3D volume rendering.

The two 2D Inline views , are perpendicular to the Probe’s Eye view and open at the same time as Probe’s Eye view. They are only visible when the user is at an almost perpendicular angle to the 3D reconstruction.

The displayed viewing direction is indicated in yellow on the 3D volume reconstruction .

Art-No. 60919-95EN

Date of issue: 2020-05-08