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Technical Requirements for Viewer with Magic Leap Setup

Viewer Hardware Requirements

  • Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible with 512 MB graphics memory

  • Display resolution: 1280×1024

  • Processor: 4 physical cores

  • RAM: 4 GB

Additional Requirements

Magic Leap 1


Network Requirements

Both Magic Leap 1 and the PC must be connected to the same network. Magic Leap requires Wi-Fi, but not internet. The PC can be connected either via Wi-Fi or network cable.

Viewer and Magic Leap require an encrypted connection for SSL communication. Although any standard https port can be used, Brainlab recommends using the enhanced security https port 44388. If this port has been blocked, contact hospital IT and/or find out which port is used instead.

Recommended Lighting Conditions

As with all non-calibrated screens, gray levels on Magic Leap are not ideally displayed compared to diagnostic monitors. For a good mixed reality experience use normal lighting conditions in a room with few windows and few glossy surfaces. Note that bright sunlight may impact performance. Reviewing of medical data in mixed reality is best when placing virtual content in front of a darker homogenous background.

Further recommendations to improve Magic Leap performance:

  • Keeping lighting at recommended levels (e.g., maximum of 500 lux in offices)
  • Locating work areas so that windows are parallel to the line of sight
  • Moving shiny objects out of view
  • Keeping Magic Leap’s “Auto Brightness” setting turned on
Art-No. 60919-95EN

Date of issue: 2020-05-08