Spine SRS

Table of Contents

Data Sets

Scan Requirements

Refer to the Brainlab scan protocol.

This software reads and loads approved and valid Hounsfield Unit to Electron Density (HU to ED) conversion tables only. The HU to ED conversion tables used can only be created and approved in Physics Administration.

If the scanner HU scale extends 12 bit (-1024 to +3071), the larger values are truncated:

  • Values < -1024 are truncated to -1024

  • Values > 3071 are truncated to 3071

The CT image scaling must be verified before patient treatment as only non-localized data is supported.

Import and Export Restrictions

Only data sets with a maximum scan length of 1000 mm and less than 400 slices can be imported and exported.

Overlapping Objects

If objects overlap, the object with the highest HU value determines the HU value of the intersecting volume.

Safety Considerations

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22