Spine SRS

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Calculating a Dose Plan

Overview Layout

After selecting the machine profile, protocol and setup, the Overview layout opens automatically.


Plan Analysis table: Displays the adjustable parameters for the metastases and the OARs. The slider settings can be adjusted in the normal viewing mode. Additional settings can be edited in Advanced Editing mode.

Configuration: Open the configuration menu to change the machine profile, protocol or setup as well as select the SRS Prescription (controlled inhomogeneity) mode or enable Advanced Editing.

Enlarged axial, coronal and sagittal slice views as well as an interchangeable image set that shows either a 3D view of the arcs, an axial, coronal, sagittal slice view or a DVH view.

Calculate Options


Select Calculate to construct the dose plan.

Select Cancel to stop the optimization. This does not result in a valid dose plan.

Select Finish to stop the optimization to speed up the calculation. This results in a valid dose plan.

Select Continue to resume the calculation after stopping it or after changing any parameters (e.g., sliders, Dose Shaper).

Revert Options


Select Revert to undo your most recent action (e.g., slider positions, Calculation, Optimization, Dose Shaper). Select as many times as necessary.

Revert allSelect Revert all to go back to before the first optimization.
Monte Carlo
Select Monte Carlo to:

  1. Calculate the dose distribution using the Monte Carlo algorithm. In Monte Carlo mode, the software recalculates the dose distribution from the existing treatment plan with the Monte Carlo algorithm. Therefore, you must first calculate a treatment plan with the Pencil Beam algorithm (Monte Carlo turned off).
  2. Toggle the dose engine being used for the forward dose calculation:

    • Monte Carlo off = Beamlet based approximate dose and Pencil Beam forward dose

    • Monte Carlo on = Beamlet based approximate dose and Monte Carlo forward dose

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22