Spine SRS

Table of Contents

3D View Layout

Open the 3D View layout to display the DVH and other useful review functions to help you identify spots that receive too much or too little dose.


DVHThe DVH for the selected structure.

Dose Surface

Shows the dose surface interface between the most critical OAR and the PTV to volumetrically examine the dose fall-off. Allows you to review the dose distribution of the most important OAR and PTV on their opposing 3D surfaces.

Beam’s Eye View

The PTV receiving dose from the currently selected arc at a certain angle is displayed superimposed on a representation of the MLC leaves, including the irradiated field.

The jaw position is shown as a rectangle around the PTV.

Drag the arrow head or click on the orange lines at the bottom to change the gantry angle.

3D Arc ViewEnables you to:

  • Select each arc for review (view is updated in Beam’s Eye View).
  • Select a 3D object to view in the DVH (alternatively select an object from the Data menu.

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22