Spine SRS

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How to Import Clinical Template Values



Open a template file from the current Examples_x.x (“x.x” refers to the current software version) folder.

The software version of a template file is displayed next to the Type parameter.


Change the view mode to Adjustment.


Select the import icon.


Navigate to and import the file that was edited in the previous software version.

The imported values are marked with comments stating the origin of the value.


Change the name within the template file and save the file under the suggested name in the corresponding version x.x (“x.x” refers to the new software version) folder.


After import, check the imported and non-imported values for plausibility and edit them if necessary. Take the following into consideration:

  • Only values that are modifiable in the current view mode are imported
  • Only values that are valid for the current version of the protocol are imported
  • If values from the old file version depend on values in the new file version, the software might automatically adjust the default values in the new file version to match their dependencies on the old file version.

The following values are new for this version of the software and therefore will not be imported from the previous version:

  • Protocol Templates:
    • Prescription: Tolerated Dose Deviation of Maximum/Desired Dose Constraint, SRS Prescription (controlled inhomogeneity)
    • All items within the boost section
    • For each OAR: Tolerated Dose Deviation, Maximum Dose Mode,
    • Dose Grid Parameters: (previously only in mode, Monte Carlo Statistical Dose Result Type
  • Setup Templates: All values will be imported if they differ from the new template as no new items have been added since the previous version.

Art-No. 60919-40EN

Date of publication: 2019-05-22